April 2021


Focus On - Fitness specialists

One can argue about many things: Is conformation important for sire selection? Is a deep pedigree important? If a sire should be polled or a red carrier? Is a specific...

August 2020


Swingman: Complete Package for Red-Holsteins

Right from the start it was evident that Swingman was a special bull, a generational sire that would give an impulse to Red-Holstein breeding. Shallow udders, high production and somewhat...

June 2020


Intriguing Sires - Juny 2020

After the April release, Captain is far and away the leader on the American gTPI list. His profile: lots of production (1481 lb +0.19% +.05%), good (rear) udders, a high...

March 2020


Focus on... Persistency

For anybody who wants to produce milk economically, persistency must count among the must important traits when making sire selections. However, there are still many countries where there is no...

February 2020


Intriguing Sires - February 2020

AltaMarlon has a very balanced, no-holes proof that has steadily climbed and now lands him at Nr.1 LPI bull in Canada. ‘He sires consistently good type, highlighted by beautiful udders,’...

March 2019

Herd reports

Westcoast Holsteins: From Show Champions to Breed Leading Sires

It’s hard to believe! Wescoast Holsteins was only formed in 2010 and yet it has already become a major force in the breed. They’ve paraded champions at North America’s major...