January 2022

Herd reports

Darcroft A 3-time Master Breeder Herd with a 12.870kg/28,373lb (x2) Average!

Big milk, high fertility, impressive classifications, balanced breeding, multiple Master Breeder shields and one big goal… to be the best managed herd in the province. Gain invaluable insight from the...

February 2020


BullTalk - February 2020

An interesting list from Holstein USA: the sires with 97% or higher reliability. Notable: half of this ranking is bulls from Select Sires. Even more remarkable: 9 of the 10...

August 2017


High-Type Unix: Was He Worth The Hype?

Want to know more about the top conformation Uno-son who carries his sire’s key qualities, but unlike Uno, he transmits ample milk? Read all about Unix, the new breed-leader, here!