November 2023


Unique news from Japan: Supersire daughter Currywebb pulverizes world record for milk!

Those who read Holstein International from cover to cover each month, likely know her name: Bell-Smart SS Currywebb VG-87. In October 2020, she appeared in Cow Country due to an...

July 2020

Sires Report

Rising to Legendary Heights: Mogul & Supersire Together Surpass 2.5 Million Doses and 16% Influence

Recently, on June 22, Mountfield Mogul turned ten years old. In five months, on December 28, Seagull-Bay Supersire hopes to turn ten. The barn mates – owned by Select Sires...

March 2019

Sires Report

Seagull-Bay Supersire: Milk Transmitter Par Excellence, Making True on All Promises

In December 2012, he was America’s nr.1 DNA tested sire with 2530 gTPI. Six years later, in December 2018, he scores 2518 TPI based on 33,087 daughters. A dream score,...

December 2018

Sires Report

Meet the World’s 55th Holstein millionaire: Seagull-Bay Supersire

At the end of this month, on December 28, 2018, he will turn 8 years old – and by then will have substantially exceeded one million doses produced. In early...

December 2023


Choose your Red Holstein World Champion 2023

No, not on a poster this time… but, the number of candidates has increased! For the selection of the Red Holstein World Champion 2023, no less than eighteen beautiful candidates...