February 2023


Oakfield Solomon Footloose The World Champion 2022

For 25 years, HI has been conducting the vote for the World Champion, but was there ever as hotly contested a dual as this year? The head-to-head battle between the...

January 2023


Jürg and Alexander Hofmann (Hokovit) ‘Only the smart ones buy from us!’

For decades, the Swiss company Hofmann Nutrition AG, under the brand name Hokovit, has been an esteemed name in the European feed industry. Hokovit, which is primarily known for its...

December 2022


South Tyrol – A Holstein pearl in the northern Italian Alps

It is more than 60 years ago that dairy farmers in South Tyrol first imported black and white cows from northern Germany. What followed is a development that has still...

December 2022


Focus On... - December 2022

In the past, high milk sires always had the best chances to achieve high overall breeding values. However, the introduction of many further traits has given even average production sires...

December 2022


Cow Country 2 - December 2022

Two new EX-97 Red Holsteins (Anita Absolute Joline-Red & Highcroft Absolute Lily-Red) as well as six EX-96 Holsteins were recorded by the US herdbook in 2022. One of the most...

November 2022


Masterpiece Genetics & Masterrind

Ed Crossland is the owner of a small dairy farm with Holsteins and Guernseys (Gladheart) in western Maryland, near West Virginia. Although his interest originally lie especially with Holsteins, he...

November 2022

Herd reports

Pröbstings Arizona: Germany’s Nr.1 and the perfect example for the philosophy of his home barn

He is Germany’s Nr.1 and a highly requested sire of sons, that much is clear. But his outstanding RZG is based on special characteristics. Pröbstings Arizona, the Arrozo son that...

November 2022


GGI-Spermex & Genetics Australia

‘GGI-Spermex is the leading export organization for Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss world-wide,’ says Martin Wimmer from GGI-Spermex. ‘The fact that Germany has the largest Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss populations, and...

November 2022


Focus on... - November 2022

While the genomic top-lists almost everywhere in the world are increasingly populated with high polled sires, high daughter-proven polled bulls continue to be a rare commodity. This is particularly true...

November 2022

Legend Dairy Farms

Dutch-Belted: The breed with the fastest growing fan club in the world?

It is not the first time that we report on Lakenvelder cattle in a DBI issue. And the breed, which most dairy farmers know as Dutch Belted, is going through...

November 2022

Herd reports

Pischele Holsteins: Singular among the many top addresses in the very north of Italy

Although Italy has a leading role in Europe with more than 1.4 million Holstein cows, the most northern region of the country plays hardly any role this perception. And that,...

October 2022

Herd reports

Villstar The Other Top Address in Switzerland

If you are interested in showing and have always associated Switzerland with showing, the title may irritate you. If you carry on reading, it will not be one of these...

October 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country II - October 2023

Winwood Tatoo Lightsout VG-87 is a finalist in the All-Australian Photo competition. ‘My boyfriend Mal Nikora and I purchased her dam as a 5-month-old calf in 2018 and the Tatoo...