Ruthner Holsteins

November 2021

United States of America

Cow Country II - November 2021

The cow that we are talking about here is an original US product and has her home there at Budjon Farms. However, Our-Favorite Lustre, the VG-89 King Doc out of...

Juli 2021

EH Holsteins

Exclusive: The ultimate update about the herds worldwide with the most EX cows (1)

To breed a Holstein that is distinguished as being EX is an accomplishment to be proud of even in times when Holstein breeding is continually striving towards more commercial goals....

March 2021


The Time has Arrived: Here is the First Preliminary Round of HI’s Cow Family Tournament!

Indeed! The starting shot of HI’s unique tournament of the world’s most influential cow families has been given. Here is the first preliminary round; on the next six pages, you...

October 2023

Herd reports

Tony van Lith (Valiant Dairy Genetics): ‘I See Breeding as an Art Form.’

Showtime-RC, Rolex, Migos, Legit, Lizzo, Lazer-PP-Red, Allure-PP, Mombassa-PP-Red, Muffin-P-RC, Fallegro-PP-Red. During the past three years, ten sires with the Valiant prefix found their way to the barns of ABS, Semex,...