February 2022


The Millionaires of the Holstein Breed: The Milestone Appears to be Getting Further Away!

The “comeback bull”, as he was called. When dairy farmers milked daughters of this bull, they wanted more: And returned to the bull. That’s why there continued to be orders...

January 2022


Beta-casein A2A2: Extensive Supply of Elite Holstein Sires is Guaranteed

Beta-casein. More and more AI companies are including this trait prominently in their sire presentations. Reason: following New Zealand, Australia and Asia, also in North America and Europe, there is...

October 2018

Sires Report

Here is the Very Newest Super-Millionaire: Planet!

It has happened! Eight giants have preceded him. One of these weeks, Ensenada Taboo Planet, more than 15 years old, will become the world’s ninth bull to reach the gigantic...

December 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country - December 2023

Al-Lew Ashley (Monterey-Mogul) was recently classified EX-95 in the USA. Her son Mr. Frazzled Aristocrat was the top-seller at the World Classic Sale and went for a gigantic sum of...