April 2023


Swissgenetics: ‘Quality is the Key to Success.’

‘Switzerland has a strong demand for quality. As such, there is also demand for higher meat quality, and a lot of beef production takes place on dairy farms. Eventually the...

April 2023


Dúnmasc: All Beef Breeds have Something to Offer Beef-on-Dairy

Ireland has an index (DBI) that is especially developed for beef-on-dairy. ‘It’s a truly valuable instrument for both distributors and farmers to distinguish the best sires for beef-on-dairy,’ explains Stephen...

April 2023

Beef on dairy

Cogent: A Beef-on-Dairy Strategy Already Since 2009!

Beef-on-dairy is absolutely not a new phenomenon at the British AI company Cogent. ‘We launched our beef-on-dairy program in 2009 in order to ensure that we could make the right...