June 2023

Herd reports

Lynbrook Holsteins: Thoroughly Balanced International Gene Mix in Ireland

‘Many people ask me: “John, why aren’t you retiring?” But what would I do then, get out of bed late and watch TV? No, I want to get up every...

May 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country - May 2023

Stanton Farms in Ontario has already provided several elite LPI cows. But the achievements of Stantons Bighit Melody-P VG-85 are unprecedented. Her daughter Stantons Margaret is Canada’s Nr.1 for gLPI...

April 2023

Cow Families

Olla family: The bloodline behind Ireland’s only living homebred EX-96 cow

No sexed semen, strictly no flushing, yearlings in the barn by F16 Rocket (a sire born in 1983) and a closed herd for nearly 20 years… what gems could possibly...

April 2023


NCBC: Testing Beef-on-Dairy for Ten Years Already

For ten years already, the National Cattle Breeding Centre (NCBC) has operated the largest beef-on-dairy program in Ireland, for Munster Bovine, Progressive Genetics and Ireland Genetics. ‘The Irish dairy herd...

April 2023


Dúnmasc: All Beef Breeds have Something to Offer Beef-on-Dairy

Ireland has an index (DBI) that is especially developed for beef-on-dairy. ‘It’s a truly valuable instrument for both distributors and farmers to distinguish the best sires for beef-on-dairy,’ explains Stephen...

February 2023

Herd reports

Hannan Farm in Ireland: Lisnalty Heidi as a Model of Conformation, Production, and Fertility

In HI’s overview of the highest production farms world-wide (HI 9/2022), Lisnalty Holsteins occupied an impressive second place for Ireland. With 36 EX and 123 VG scores, Paul Hannan is...

October 2022

Cow Families

Cow Country II - October 2022

Claynook Holsteins has worked with two branches of the Rud Zip family: One based on OCD Planet Diamond, full sister to the dam of Global Cow winner Delicious whose many...

September 2022

Cow Families

Cow Country - September 2022

In July, a first choice Doc daughter out of three female pregnancies sold for $19,500 at the MD State Sale. Maryland is also the birth state of Peace&Plenty Atwd Jubilant...

August 2022

Cow Families

Cow Country II - August 2022

The silky black heifer in the picture goes by the name of RUW Frosty and belongs to the Huesecken Gbr in Hagen. She is one of the few Peak Aztec...

July 2022

Cow Families

Cow Country I - July 2022

‘This cow is incredibly balanced with enormous milkiness. For an eighth-lactation cow she has an outstanding udder that is very well attached,’ are the words of judge Paul Hannen, who...

May 2022


Beef-on-Dairy Programs: AI Kampen & Dunmasc Genetics.

The surge in use of beef bulls on lower genetic merit dairy cows continues to grow, and part of the evolution in this market is the use of male sexed...

December 2021

Cow Families

Cow Country II - December 2021

Solomon sired the Reserve Champion at the World Dairy Expo this year, the 4-year-old Oakfield Footloose, a rising superstar of the show world. Another Solomon daughter in the news is...