King Doc

January 2022

Sires report

BullTalk - January 2022

‘During the past few years I have witnessed the Holstein breed becoming whiter. It is increasingly difficult to find a good bull that is 75% or more black. I manage...

August 2021

Sires report

Woodcrest King Doc Influence: Extreme PTATs and Competitive TPIs

Woodcrest King Doc, thanks to his combination of an exceptional gPTAT and good gTPI, was initially considered a “crossover” bull. Since his daughters came into production, and his TPI rose...

October 2020

Sires report

Woodcrest King Doc: Rare Combination of Superior Type and Solid Production

The ability of Morningview Kingboy to transmit a mixture of solid production with elite type has resulted in a powerful legacy. Daughter-proven sons such as Woodcrest King Doc and Plain...

June 2020

Sires report

BullTalk - June 2020

Now he has a progeny proven index! Indeed, no less than 609 milking daughters were included in one and the same release in the index of Stantons Chief – the...

November 2018

Sires report

BullTalk - November 2018

He is one of the top-5 highest gTPI Red Holstein bulls and is widely available: Rhala-Re Blues-Red. Good for 2664 gTPI, owned by AI Total, a son of Salvatore (see...