Jocko Besne

July 2023

Sires Report

BullTalk - July 2023

‘I have seen his Prosperous dam, Bandares grandam, and Damaris great-grandam myself; all three are impressive cows with tremendous udders. All three are still active in the barn of breeder...

March 2022

Sires Report

The Ultimate Male “Personification” of the Roxy Genes: Woodcrest King Doc

‘He is extremely popular,’ reported Rick VerBeek in 2018 about the then 3-year-old sire Woodcrest King Doc. Absolutely nothing has changed, confirms Verbeek’s colleague Jeff Ziegler today. Every dose that...

February 2022


The Millionaires of the Holstein Breed: The Milestone Appears to be Getting Further Away!

The “comeback bull”, as he was called. When dairy farmers milked daughters of this bull, they wanted more: And returned to the bull. That’s why there continued to be orders...

January 2020

Sires Report

Pure Breeder’s Workmanship Leads to France’s Only Millionaire

Most likely Jocko will never lose this status: the most popular Holstein bull in French history. After all, no other French bull has ever passed the milestone of one million...