Herd of Excellence

July 2024

Herd reports

Doorco Holsteins: ‘We Focus on Everything Necessary for a Long-Lasting, Profitable Cow.’

Seven times, Doorco Holsteins – located in northeastern Wisconsin – has been recognized as a “Herd of Excellence”. No less than 49x they received the “Progressive Breeders Registry”. In addition,...

August 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country - August 2023

She has an absolutely stunning appearance: Priestland 6877 Master James Rose VG-88, one of the five classified daughters of Golden-Oaks Master at Priestland Holsteins in Northern Ireland. Just as her...

September 2017

Herd reports

Siemers Holsteins: Annually 75-100 Cows Surpassing 220,000lb/100,000kg

Undoubtedly you read about it in HI’s July issue: at Siemers Holsteins in Wisconsin, no less than 390 cows have passed the milestone of 100,000kg milk (220,462lb). As such, Siemers...