Eloy RC

September 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... September 2023

As usual after one of the three yearly evaluation periods, we are presenting interesting RC sires in our “Focus On” column, top sires that add momentum to both the Holstein...

July 2020

United States of America

BullTalk - July 2020

You already read it in HI: AOT Helix, America’s progeny proven nr.1 bull, is the “Talk-of-the-Town” with his outstanding profile. Now we go to a Helix daughter, from the widely...

October 2023

Cow Families

Whittier-Farms Outside Roz: Consistent Global Supplier of Popular Bulls

Over the past two decades, the family of Whittier-Farms Outside Roz has had a very positive impact in numerous herds across the breed. We trace the development of this impressive...