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April 2022

Herd reports

The New Future of Sandy-Valley Holsteins

Around the New Year, news came: the well-known breeding enterprise Sandy-Valley Holsteins in the American state of Wisconsin was discontinuing. HI launched the news via both its publication “Holstein International”...

February 2022


The Millionaires of the Holstein Breed: The Milestone Appears to be Getting Further Away!

The “comeback bull”, as he was called. When dairy farmers milked daughters of this bull, they wanted more: And returned to the bull. That’s why there continued to be orders...

February 2022

Sires Report

Snow-N-Denises Dellia: A Candidate for the next “Queen of the Breed”

She bred an historic bull in Durham and millionaires like Die-Hard, Million and Altiota. Among her heirs are exceptional breeding cows like Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire and Meadows-LLC BWM Dancia, global...

December 2021

Sires Report

EDG Rubicon: The World’s Highest Mogul Son Remains Popular

What follows is not only the story about the world’s highest Mogul son. It is also the story about his special dam and maternal line: Ruby and the Dellias. As...