September 2023


Global Cow 2023 Here are the Finalists!

This is the 19th edition of the Global Cow competition, which has given recognition to the breed’s most influential brood cows down through the years. It’s that time of the...

February 2021

United States of America

Cow Country - February 2021

The forced cancellation of the annual Irish National Dairy Show in October led to a competition to determine the Champion of the Decade. Ridgefield Dundee Portea EX-95 claimed the title...

November 2020

United States of America

Cow Country - November 2020

Just due to her colour alone, Logan Jodie 3-Red turns out to be a special sight. ‘She is nearly entirely white, only the tips of her ears are red,’ explains...

October 2020


Intriguing Sires - October 2020

Gladius is the new leader in Germany, based on both gRZG (169) and the new economic index gRZ€ (2904). Gladius will transmit lots of milk (2265kg) with positive components (+.12%...

April 2020

United States of America

Intriguing Sires 2020 - April

‘Legacy was heavily used as a mating sire and we have genomic-tested over 800 sons to date,’ explains Jeff Ziegler (Select Sires), ‘this obviously is more than we need to...

November 2019


Striking Gold with Claynook’s Chassity line!

It all goes back to the 2009 International Intrigue sale where a cow sold with a package for a monumental $1.5 million. That cow is now one of the modern-day...

July 2019

United States of America

Focus on.. Eyecatcher

The breeding values for conformation are among the best the breed has to offer, but that is not the reason why we are presenting these four bulls. The quality of...

September 2018

United States of America

Cow Country - September 2018

It is a secret of the trade why the Pledge family, developed at Windy-Knoll-View in the USA and with many successful individuals around the world, is suddenly able to translate...

October 2023

Herd reports

Tony van Lith (Valiant Dairy Genetics): ‘I See Breeding as an Art Form.’

Showtime-RC, Rolex, Migos, Legit, Lizzo, Lazer-PP-Red, Allure-PP, Mombassa-PP-Red, Muffin-P-RC, Fallegro-PP-Red. During the past three years, ten sires with the Valiant prefix found their way to the barns of ABS, Semex,...