September 2021

Sires Report

BullTalk - September 2021

You already know Wilt Emilio, the Capital Gain son who as a young sire garnered attention in elite breeding realms and who last year fully made true on his promises....

May 2021

Sires Report

BullTalk - May 2021

DG Charley is certainly unique. Without a doubt, he can call himself the sire of likely the world’s most talked about bull right now: Hurtgenlea Charl, America’s brand new TPI...

February 2021

Cow Families

Cow Country - February 2021

Mark Brantner in Pennsylvania, together with his family, is pursuing a dream: owning a dairy farm with beautiful and high-producing Holsteins. And the realization of that dream could be assisted...

June 2020

Herd reports

TGD-Holstein: The Top Bull Supplier in Switzerland

It is the top sires like Basist-PP, Bronneus-P, Reduro-Red, Romanus-PP, Benettoni or Samon-RC that have helped give the TGD barn of Thomas Gerber its international reputation. Or the names of...

March 2020

Sires Report

Bull Talk - March 2020

Indeed: the muscleman from the famous French comic series finally has a successor in the Holstein world. From the Barbie family! With lots of milk and (of course) outstanding type!...

April 2018

Cow Families

At the top

And who do we find here at the top? At the peak of this Swiss mountain, between Neuchatel and the border with France? Here we see the dam of Basist,...

November 2017

Cow Families

Tiger-Lily Lulu: Ladd-P was Just the Beginning for this Special Cow Family

Five years ago the arrival of the high-type red bull Tiger-Lily Ladd-P focused attention on the Lulu family at Marshman Farms in New York. Via his sire Destry, Ladd-P offered...