Tommily du Tombuy’s career – from 4 to 15 years old: ‘If you are a dairy farmer, then this is the cow you want.’


She was four years old, the white Tommily du Tombuy, when we paid a visit 11 years ago to the French Tombuy herd. Not only was she a beautiful and solid cow to behold, but also a strong producer: And even then she was already the dam of a Swiss Expo champion. (With a very special story, which will follow shortly.) Who would have thought at the time that Tommily would continue unabated until her current age of 15 years? And she is adorned with two national French titles, a score of EX-95, a splendid lifetime production of 107,285 kg (236,027 lb) 4.20% 3.51% and numerous descendants. ‘But above all else, Tommily has always been a real work cow – she is the cow that every dairy farmer would like to have,’ says breeder Jean-Baptise Decheppe: The career of an exceptional French cow.

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