Thanks to French assistance, in the US an imposing star could be created: S-S-I PR Renegade!

‘As a young DNA sire, Renegade was already very popular, but when his daughters in various countries around the world came into production, he was truly admired for the tremendous cows that he gives. Renegade is now in higher demand than ever before in his career,’ explains Scott Ruby from World-Wide Sires, who markets the semen of the Select Sires star Renegade in nearly all countries outside of the US. Jeff Ziegler from Select Sires confirms this: ‘He is the only sire who was one of our top-5 bestsellers in both 2021 and 2022.’ Yes, that is how the bull who was created in 2016 to offer genetic diversity has developed into a global bestseller. So much so that now already we are looking for “Renegade-free” pedigrees. Here is the remarkable story about the “Outcross Sire 2019”.

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