Remarkable Diversity at Synergy Holsteins: Longevity, high genomics, cow family power, and: the newest 440,000 lb cow!

What is the best way to introduce the modern dairy and breeding enterprise Synergy Holsteins owned by the Jauquet family in the American state of Wisconsin? With the powerfully breeding P family? With the large influence of bull dam Synergy Rubicon Perfect via son Progenesis Positive world-wide? With the current AI bulls ZZ Top, Parker and Kudos? With the vibrant cow that work hard to achieve the breeding goal of the Jauquets? Or with the world’s newest 440,000 lb/200,000 kg cow, the 16-year-old Daffy? Clearly all of these aspects deserve to come on the radar in this story about Synergy, where Jay and Heather carefully keep an eye on all 1125 Holsteins.

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