JB Holsteins: ‘Aiming for Several Generations VG or Higher, and Preferably All Surpass 100,000 kg.’

‘It is not easy to be a cow here.’ Those are the words spoken in unison by mother Jeanette and daughter Amanda Sjöland. ‘We namely require everything from them: we want them to produce a lot, but also that they look good.’ The high standards, maintained for several years, have led to a high quality herd close to the Swedish town of Hörby. For years already, 140 Holsteins have produced an average of about 11,500 kg (25,300 lb). At the same time, the type level remains high: for many years already they stand out with an average above 85 points. In addition, there are regularly stars of a national calibre: in 2012, their JB Affirmed Donna K became the Swedish National Champion, while last year their JB Meteor Gerd became the National Reserve Champion. Logically then, JB Holsteins is a powerful name in Swedish Holstein breeding.

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