Here is #8 of the most influential breeders of the past 25 years: Ferme Gillette!


In the meantime, you have read the stories about numbers 10 and 9 from the top-10 of HI’s unique Breeders Competition: Pine-Tree in March and Mil-R-Mor in April. Now follows the enterprise that ends up 8th in our competition: Ferme Gillette from Embrun, located in Ontario, close to the border with Quebec. Just like the first two stories, this report is written based on information already known by HI, and we have not (yet) interviewed Ferme Gillette. So that, with the publication of this issue, the splendid nr.8 finish will also be a surprise for the Patenaude family from Gillette. In our next issue, you will find their response. And at the same time will read about nr.7… as we continue the countdown to nr.1 in December.

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