Here is #3 of the most influential breeders of the past 25 years: Hanover-Hill Holsteins!


Quite soon after the nomination of the 100 candidates for this competition, a reader posed the following question: “Hanover-Hill… is it not too old for this competition? Does their influence not precede this competition?” The best answer to this question now comes collectively from HI readers, who voted en masse for Hanover-Hill. After all, this remarkable breeding herd – in its best days, likely the world’s most celebrates breeding enterprise – obtains a fantastic third place in this competition. Not surprisingly, with truly legendary transmitters like Hanoverhill Starbuck, Inspiration and Triple Threat-Red, its influence – certainly during the beginning – of the past 25 years is immense. Here we present a rough sketch of Hanover-Hill’s influence. Because a complete report would require many more pages!

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