Große-Honebrink - Though not in the spotlight, it is one of the most successful breeding barns in Germany


On first glance, the farm does not seem much different than so many family farms in Germany. A well-managed, high-producing herd in a typical free-stall barn of the’90’s, which was been expanded and modernized over the years and today comfortably houses 65 cows and 150 heifers. But below the surface something is brewing, and we mean that in a positive light. Afterall, we are not just anywhere, but in the barn of Florian Große-Honebrink. The name doesn’t tell you anything? Then come with us to the birthplace of the Red Nr.1 in Germany, Grando-Red, and of the daughter-proven and widely used top-10 sire Milton, as well as some other popular sires of the day.

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