DG Charley Received Many Opportunities as a Sire of Sons and Used Them Optimally


One of the most notable transmitters from the beginning of the DNA revolution was undoubtedly Cogent Supershot. He made global news with his sky high TPI index and his high semen price. In the meantime, Supershot – a son of millionaire Supersire – has widely proven his value with sons like Superhero, Adorable, Salvatore, AltaTopshot, Mocca, Eugenio, Euclid and… DG Charley. The latter received the tremendous support of an elite cow family from Minnesota: the C line owned by the Larson family. In this story, read about how Charley was created and why his influence will remain in the breed for generations. A true globetrotter with more than 9000 daughters around the world already.

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