KuhFacto is the German breeding magazine made by the Holstein International team that is especially created for dairymen, breeders and breeding enthusiasts in Austria, Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland. In line with Holstein International, KuhFacto offers wide-ranging unbiased and original content. It features topics similar to Holstein International. Yet, the content in KuhFacto focusses entirely on the industry of these four countries. When reading KuhFacto people can enjoy herd reports, bull analyses (genomic and daughter proven), cow families, interviews, regional news, management articles and background articles from this German speaking part of Europe.

KuhFacto is published five times a year and is included in a German Holstein International subscription in Austria, Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland. It is also possible to subscribe to KuhFacto individually, in- and outside these countries.

Language: German
Times per year: 5x
Availability: Print & digital
Countries: Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland
Readership: 7,125 people enjoy KuhFacto

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