HI Plus!

HI Plus! is the breeding magazine especially written for the Netherlands and Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Equally, the magazine focusses on breeding developments specifically in The Netherlands and Flanders. Like Holstein International, HI Plus! offers wide-ranging unbiased and original content. Each issue covers several herd reports, bull analyses (both daughter and DNA proven) and cow families. Next to that, readers of HI Plus! can enjoy regional news, interviews as well as management and background articles. Unique of HI Plus! is its country series and youth page. In each issue the Holstein Industry of a selected country – other than the Netherlands or Belgium – is highlighted in a background article and the youth page of every issue sets out a profile on a young upcoming talent from the Dutch or Flemish Holstein Industry.

HI Plus! is only available in Dutch. The magazine is published five times a year and is included in a Dutch Holstein International subscription in The Netherlands and Flanders. It is also possible to subscribe to HI Plus! individually, in- and outside these countries.  

Language: Dutch
Times per year: 5x
Availability: Print & digital
Countries: The Netherlands, Belgium
Readership: 5,500 people enjoy HI Plus!