April 2021

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The sequel: Here is the Second Preliminary Round of HI’s Cow Family Tournament!

In our recent March issue, HI’s tournament of the world’s most influential cow families commenced with preliminary round 1, in which 50 promising cow families from continents other than North...

December 2020

United States of America

Focus on... December 2020

It is not always the breeding values that explain the popularity of certain sires. There are more characteristics that are important to dairy farmers when selecting bulls, like cow families,...

December 2019


Windy-Knoll-View Promis: Breeding Miracle from Pennsylvania with 23 EX daughters

With 23 EX daughters in Holstein USA’s data base, Windy-Knoll-View Promis is one of the absolute phenomenon of the Holstein breed. An unprecedented performance, which at the same time makes...

September 2018

United States of America

Cow Country - September 2018

It is a secret of the trade why the Pledge family, developed at Windy-Knoll-View in the USA and with many successful individuals around the world, is suddenly able to translate...

August 2018

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Cow Country - August 2018

What do you know about Barbie’s older full-sister Rgncrst-Rh Durham Bianca EX-92? Perhaps you didn’t even know she existed? To us, this line of this world-renowned family has been in...

October 2023

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DNA - October 2023

His name Sunburst was inspired by Skalsumer Sunny Boy, CRV’s famous globetrotter from the 1990s. Sunburst and Sunny Boy are both bred out of the Skalsumer Pietje family which has...