March 2024

Sires Report

BullTalk - March 2024

One of the brand new AI companies in North America is Showbox Sires. For distribution, they work with Select Sires and Semex, and the first four sires to be presented...

January 2024

Cow Families

Nineteen-year-old ViG Grace EX-93: Epitome of East Friesian Excellence and Lifetime Production

She is nearly nineteen years old and is still in great shape: ViG Grace EX-93. We meet the Miss Ostfriesland of 2019 in her home herd on the banks of...

April 2023

Sires Report

BullTalk - April 2023

The accompanying table shows the top selling sires at ABS Global in China. Gary Gao from ABS China explains: ‘From all three, more than 30,000 doses (sexed and conventional) have...

December 2022

Sires Report

BullTalk - December 2022

‘He has exceptional traits that make him very attractive to people who are interested in Red Holstein genetics,’ says Genex staff member Abby Van de Ven about the fascinating young...

March 2022


Unique HI Overview: These are the 92 Most Sold Holstein Sires at AI Companies Worldwide

Who were the most sold Holstein sires in 2021? The answer follows here, in a unique overview with 92 bestsellers from 38 breeding organizations in thirteen different countries. As well...

February 2022

Sires Report

Veelhorst-DG Casino: Extremely Profitable Daughters

His background is exceptionally international. Great-grandam Broeks Betty, for example, received daughters on four continents. The foundation lies in Germany. Exactly where Casino, the main character in this sire report,...

January 2022


Beef-on-Dairy Programs: Norbreck Genetics & VOSt

The surge in use of beef bulls on lower genetic merit dairy cows continues to grow, and part of the evolution in this market is the use of male sexed...

December 2021


OHG & VOSt: Why size does not determine success!

After years of alliances and mergers, the breeding landscape in Germany has been cleaned up considerably. Of the 12 breeding cooperatives that were in existence 10 years ago, there are...

December 2021

Sires Report

Focus on... December 2021

In this spot in the last issue of HI you were able to read about several of the best genomic conformation sires in the breed. And, as promised in November,...

November 2021

Cow Families

Cow Country I - November 2021

With 5.09 365d 23,782 kg/52,430 lb 5.9% 3.1%, Whiteleather Armani 2623 EX-91 is the second highest of all mature American Holsteins ever for pounds of fat. Taken at 305 days,...

October 2021

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - October 2021

‘He was nr.2 in Germany as a DNA bull, and now he is nr.2 of all German progeny proven sires. He has been intensively used in every Germany breeding program...

August 2021

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DP - August 2021

‘Aptitude continues to be a popular progeny proven sire. He has settled in several markets and continues to sell well,’ says Mike West about the Davinci son, who via Epic,...