Vogue Redeye-P-Red

November 2023

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DP - November 2023

Solito-Red is the German Nr.1 daughter-proven red and white sire for RZG (143) and RZE (140). The Salvatore son showed again in the last breeding evaluation period that he is...

January 2023

Cow Families

Calbrett Kingboy Miranda-P-RC Makes True on Breeding Visions

Global Cow 2021, Polled Impact Cow 2022 and runner-up Red Impact Cow 2022 This impressive summation displays the tremendous value of the multi-talented Canadian Calbrett Kingboy Miranda-P-RC EX-93 for international...

December 2023

Sires Report

Bulltalk - December 2023

With 159 gRZG, he is nr.4 on the German DNA list, but he has a fully American pedigree: Montague. A son of AltaZazzle son Progenesis Monteverdi (2960 gTPI) out of...