Viking genetics

February 2019

Sires Report

Focus on... Highly Productive and Prolific

Anyone who breeds Holsteins will always have the traits milk production and fertility integrated in his philosophy in some way. And this exactly is a matter of two of the...

January 2019

Sires Report

Focus on - January 2019

Have you ever tried to find a sire of sons that has a high overall breeding value with below average inheritance for frame size? We admit that the search is...

November 2018

Sires Report

Focus on - November 2018

For commercial dairy farmers, it likely does not make a difference if a sire was born via ET/IVF or via more natural means. But for organic farms it does matter....

February 2018

Sires Report

BullTalk - February 2018

He is Nr.2 among the highest available black & white Dutch sires for type (see table): Lowlands Debark, owned by CRV. The DNA tested Danno son combines his 114 type...

August 2017

Sires Report

BullTalk - August 2017

Last month we wrote about the “comeback” of progeny proven sires; in more and more countries, they are able to get closer to the DNA top. This is also the...