United Kingdom

June 2023


Cow Country 2023 - June 2023

Which conformation talents do a young American Holstein need to display for the maximum score of EX-92? Those looking at this photo of the second lactation Wi Fisherdale AC Extend,...

December 2022

United Kingdom

Jotan-Red European Trailblazer for the Conformation-Rich Altitudes

Today every Red Holstein or RC bull without an intensive link to Kamps-Hollow Altitude or one of her famous descendants, is embraced as an outcross sire. That is how tremendous...

December 2022


Cow Country - December 2022

With 30 milking cows, De Winkels Holsteins, owned by Henk Jan van Driel, is not large. Nevertheless, the achievements are noteworthy. During the last classification visit, three two-year-olds scored VG-88...

December 2022


Global Dairy Youth Challenge: The Finale!

In February, HI will present the winners. Also read in HI’s February edition about which participants in the four preliminary rounds of the Global Challenge submitted the best rationale for...

August 2022


Cow Country II - August 2022

The silky black heifer in the picture goes by the name of RUW Frosty and belongs to the Huesecken Gbr in Hagen. She is one of the few Peak Aztec...

July 2022

Herd reports

Berryholme: ‘Be honest with yourself. There is no value in wearing rose-colored glasses’

Berryholme, H. Wright & Son, Cumbria, was one of 10 names to appear on the list when Holstein UK announced the winners of the Master Breeder Awards for 2022. The...

April 2022


Cow Country II - April 2022

Last month, HI wrote about Ernevale Rosina EX-95, owned by Seamus Gunn, Northern Ireland. Did you know that her sire, Belan Mingo Jubilant-Red (<Jubilant), is also the maternal great-grandsire of...

March 2022


Cow Country II - March 2022

The fact that Templedale Enhancer Rosina 33* had long-term value is proven by her descendant and high LPI sire Silverstream Porter. The legacy of the much used Canadian also lives...

January 2022


Cow Country II - January 2022

Dulais Afterburner Amanda VG-86 is the Nr.40 index cow in the United Kingdom. Nev Roberts, her breeder, especially praises her pedigree. Via Dulais Pesky Amanda EX-93 (<Welcome Armitage Pesky), the...

November 2021


Cow Country I - November 2021

With 5.09 365d 23,782 kg/52,430 lb 5.9% 3.1%, Whiteleather Armani 2623 EX-91 is the second highest of all mature American Holsteins ever for pounds of fat. Taken at 305 days,...

October 2021


Cow Country I - October 2021

Weenarda Farms (Ontario) is one of the twenty highest index farms in Canada. Notable: all animals on this farm with 52 milking cows have homebred pedigrees. ‘Early on, my parents...

August 2021

United States of America

Exclusive: The ultimate update about the herds worldwide with the most EX cows (2)

Noteworthy herds with dozens of EX Holsteins and a percentage of EX cows reaching to 70% were the focus of the first part of our analysis of the farms with...

September 2023


Dovea Genetics, Ireland: ‘Many of our bull dams are medium stature, EX cows with >4% protein’

Success in the Irish EBI index rankings, market leader for beef on dairy across Europe and soon to have its own ST sexing lab – there is a lot going...