Udder Health

August 2023


Udder health: Besides breeding, management plays an important role

Udder diseases continue to be one of the primary culling reasons for dairy cattle. For several decades, udder health has been a main breeding priority and yet it remains a...

August 2022


Good Udder Health: Important Key to Success on Modern Dairy Farms

A high somatic cell count, besides reducing milk revenue, also increases the likelihood of mastitis. Very undesirable then, due to its economic impact and the possible premature loss of valuable...

October 2021


From vacuum to teat cup liners: How milking equipment influences udder health

It is without question that genetics have an influence on udder health. But, of course, there are other factors that also have a lot of influence on the quality of...

March 2019


Mastitis – The New Heavyweight Among Health Traits

Theoretically, a breeding value for somatic cell score (SCS), as is routinely calculated in most countries around the world, could continue to serve as a genetic indicator for udder health...

June 2018


Udder Health: How do you Maintain a Low Somatic Cell Count?

Elevated somatic cell counts not only cause production losses, but also increase the likelihood of mastitis, with all the associated problems and costs. To prevent financial damage and animal losses,...

June 2017


Udder Health: A Critical Element in Achieving High-Level Production

The combination of good genetics and good feed should lead to a high producing herd. However, seeing to all the smaller details that create an environment for healthy, contented cows...