Tim Rauen

January 2023

Sires Report

Farnear Delta-Lambda: Elite Sire and Tremendous Maternal Line Bundled in One Masterful Transmitter

While his daughter numbers have risen exponentially, Farnear Delta-Lambda’s TPI has continued to increase since HI’s sire report in November 2020: One of several good reasons for an extensive portrait!...

November 2022

Cow Families

Morningview Super Deann Foundation of a High-Genomic Branch of the Roxy’s.

The Roxy family has developed the status of royalty in Holstein breeding, with a reputation built on consistent, long-lasting brood cows and solid transmitting bulls. However, one aspect that has...

December 2021

Sires Report

EDG Rubicon: The World’s Highest Mogul Son Remains Popular

What follows is not only the story about the world’s highest Mogul son. It is also the story about his special dam and maternal line: Ruby and the Dellias. As...