April 2022


The Premiere: Polled Impact Competition 2022!

It is the first time that HI is conducting a vote for the Polled Impact Cow, but that does not mean that we are too late or too early: Quite...

August 2021

Herd reports

With Alligator and Chief as the Greatest Ambassadors Stantons: One of the World’s Most Eminent Sire Providers

They are being used world-wide: bulls born in the Stantons herd in Ontario. For many years already. ’He is extremely popular, with high demand from all over the world,’ we...

January 2021

Sires Report

Bull Talk - January 2021

He has not yet appeared on HI’s cover as a mature bull… but now it seems like the right moment. Seagull-Bay Silver is no longer alive, but: he is the...

December 2020

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - December 2020

‘From the outset I want to say – and I admit that I am biased – that we are tremendously enthusiastic about this bull. I told Semex that in the...

November 2020

Sires Report

Conformation Specialist Climbs to the Canadian Top

After an outstanding debut and gains during recent index releases, Stantons Alligator is solidly positioned in Canada’s LPI top-5. In addition, with +17 overall conformation, +15 udder and +13 feet...

October 2020

Sires Report

Bull Talk - October 2020

With 3842 PFT (based on 212 milking daughters) he holds a strong 2nd position on Italy’s ranking of progeny proven sires. However, despite that high total index, All.Nure Rally scores...

October 2020

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - October 2020

‘Achiever was the first bull from the Icon Sires program at ABS, and thus continued to be extremely popular with many customers world-wide. The fact that he is the Nr.1...

June 2020

Sires Report

BullTalk - June 2020

Now he has a progeny proven index! Indeed, no less than 609 milking daughters were included in one and the same release in the index of Stantons Chief – the...

May 2020

Sires Report

Adagio-P: Canada’s Highest Proven Polled Bull Ever

Polled Holsteins have been a part of the breed for many years, but have usually been considered something of a novelty. While all breeders can agree that not having to...

December 2019

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - December 2019

‘Alligator has always been very popular; every dose that he produced, is sold. That happened even before his official index, and his popularity has only grown since his successful daughter...

June 2019

Cow Families

Cow Country - June 2019

The 300-cow Belbrook herd was recently identified in HI as the leading herd in New Zealand for the highest number of excellent cows. However looking closer into the herd, a...