Siemers Holsteins

December 2023

Cow Families

2023 Global Cow winner Paris: 6-Year-Old with 200 Progeny

Last month, Siemers Lmda Paris 27856 was announced as the Global Cow for 2023. The 6-year-old Delta Lambda daughter is dam of the Nr.3 daughter-proven sire Parfect as well as...

November 2023


The Global Cow 2023 is… Siemers Lmda Paris

She was the clear choice of the voting public, polling an impressive 22.4% of the total vote. In addition, all three of our official judges placed her in their top-5,...

September 2023

Sires Report

Cherry-Lily Luster-P: He Provided Polled with the Decisive Jump to the Top TPI with Lots of Conformation

Let’s be honest: five years ago, who would have expected that in 2023 the world would have a progeny proven polled sire who combines 2902 TPI with a faultless conformation...

April 2023

Cow Families

The “Golden Cross” Monterey Daughters of Global Cow Winner Hanker

There have been a number of recognized “Golden Crosses” in the breeding world…in this cow family it was Monterey over Cookiecutter Mogul Hanker and then King Doc over the Monterey’s....

January 2023

Sires Report

Farnear Delta-Lambda: Elite Sire and Tremendous Maternal Line Bundled in One Masterful Transmitter

While his daughter numbers have risen exponentially, Farnear Delta-Lambda’s TPI has continued to increase since HI’s sire report in November 2020: One of several good reasons for an extensive portrait!...

April 2022

Herd reports

The New Future of Sandy-Valley Holsteins

Around the New Year, news came: the well-known breeding enterprise Sandy-Valley Holsteins in the American state of Wisconsin was discontinuing. HI launched the news via both its publication “Holstein International”...

August 2021

Cow Families

Exclusive: The ultimate update about the herds worldwide with the most EX cows (2)

Noteworthy herds with dozens of EX Holsteins and a percentage of EX cows reaching to 70% were the focus of the first part of our analysis of the farms with...

June 2020

Herd reports

Siemers Holsteins: The Unique Combination of Elite Indexes, Lifetime Productions, and Conformation

Just in 2019 alone, no less than 16 Holstein cows were able to pass the special milestone of 300,000 lb (136,360 kg) milk at Siemers Holsteins. A herd in which...

September 2017

Herd reports

Siemers Holsteins: Annually 75-100 Cows Surpassing 220,000lb/100,000kg

Undoubtedly you read about it in HI’s July issue: at Siemers Holsteins in Wisconsin, no less than 390 cows have passed the milestone of 100,000kg milk (220,462lb). As such, Siemers...