Juni 2021

Cow Families

Here is the Grand Finale of HI's Cow Family Tournament

In HI’s March 2021 issue, you found preliminary round one: 50 impressive cow families from various continents. This presentation was followed in the April edition by preliminary round two, again...

February 2021

Sires Report

Focus on... Top Red Conformation

An enormous frame, deep and open ribs, impressive milk type, outstanding udder and strikingly correct feet & legs are the eye-catching traits with which the ST sire Doral-Red is finding...

December 2023


Improved Genetics for Fertility: A Major Success Story in Modern Breeding

Declining fertility rates as a consequence of intense selection for production improvement through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s created a major negative for the Holstein breed. However, the implementation...