August 2021

Herd reports

Agrar Auligk – The potential to use superior genetics even more consistently!

Do you remember SHA Rubicon Grumeti VG-85? Just in December past, the dam of Germany’s Nr.1, SHA Foreman, and several other well-placed top sires, she generated enough attention for us...

Juni 2021

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - June 2021

‘Following his spectacular debut during the April release, the first orders from abroad were immediately received. Currently he is being widely used within the Phönix program,’ tells Sabine Krüger from...

December 2020

Herd reports

Oelhorst Holsteins: Consistently and Correctly Using the Very Best Bulls World-Wide

Solid conformation cows with average production of 12,274 kg/27,060 lb. milk and 3.56% protein, and a lifetime total at culling of 55,000 kg/121,250 lb; at Oelhorst Holsteins in the Netherlands,...