Brown Swiss International 2022

Sires report

Intriguing Sires DNA 1 - July 2022

Bari is a young bull and will become available this summer. Peter Zischg from Superbrown expects that the Italian Barca son will become popular, especially since he is a full...

Brown Swiss International 2022

Sires report

Volker: From a strong branch

Volker, from the cattle union Baden-Württemberg (RBW), delivers on his genomic breeding values and impresses as a strong production, daughter-proven sire. At the same time, he is the best udder...

March 2022


Unique HI Overview: These are the 92 Most Sold Holstein Sires at AI Companies Worldwide

Who were the most sold Holstein sires in 2021? The answer follows here, in a unique overview with 92 bestsellers from 38 breeding organizations in thirteen different countries. As well...

February 2022

Sires report

Intriguing Sires DNA 2022 - February 2022

As one of the few families with worldwide fame, the Barbie family is one of a select group that continually generate attention on Germany’s breeding scene, although it is seldom...

September 2021

Sires report

BullTalk - September 2021

You already know Wilt Emilio, the Capital Gain son who as a young sire garnered attention in elite breeding realms and who last year fully made true on his promises....