October 2021


Intriguing Sires DNA I - October 2021

Monteverdi debuted in second place on the Canadian DNA list. In the US, he is situated in the gTPI top-25. But above all, he is far and away the nr.1...

August 2021


BullTalk - August 2021

‘No matter how good a producer, we cannot supply the present demand in as timely a fashion as we would like.’ Speaking is Louis Prange from STgenetics about one of...

December 2020


Unique HI Overview: Here are the Bestselling Holstein Sires at AI Companies World-wide

Who were the most sold Holstein bulls during the past six months? HI posed this question to breeding companies world-wide. The answers resulted in the unique accompanying overview: 77 bestsellers...

December 2020


Bull Talk - December 2020

In April, he immediately debuted in the German progeny proven top-5, and in August, he climbed six points, making him the strong German Nr.2: Sinus. ‘His compact, average-statured, and robust...

August 2020


BullTalk - August 2020

Of course, everyone knows Jedi… S-S-I Montross Jedi, who in the meantime has about 15,000 daughters world-wide. But here it is about a different, lesser known, Jedi: RZG Jedi, owned...

January 2020


Bull Talk - January 2020

In Italy, Westcoast Perseus (Penmanship-Doorman) is successful as a sire of sons: the list of top-25 DNA-tested sires includes no less than five Perseus sons. One of them is the...

December 2019


Intriguing Sires - December 2019

Twitch is the nr.1 gTPI son of Helix, since August, the progeny proven leader in the US. The more than two-year-old STgenetics bull displays an all-round high and attractive profile...

October 2019


Intriguing Sires - October 2019

No matter what you think of line-breeding, it worked for Canada’s Nr.1 gLPI sire S-S-I Biggelo, as the Delroy-son features the O-Man Mirror family on both sides of his pedigree....

August 2019


Focus on.. Red, Milk & Type

He supplies the type, the udders and the width & depth to the body many Red-Holstein breeders are looking for. In addition he improves the components at good milk production...

March 2019


Focus on.. beloved and reliable (1)

They are not the highest bulls, not necessarily successful sires of sons, and not the top genomic sires, but they are proven, have hundreds of daughters in milk and are...

February 2019


BullTalk - February 2019

We gave you a tip about him earlier already, the successful sire of sons for Red Holsteins: Mr Salvatore. In Canada, Germany and the US, we find numerous attractive sons....

November 2018


Intriguing Sires - Garant & Harper & Melvin

With an increase of 5 points for his overall breeding value to 135 RZG and an impressive 8-point gain for conformation to a strong value of 134 RZE, Garant was...