December 2020

Herd reports

Oelhorst Holsteins: Consistently and Correctly Using the Very Best Bulls World-Wide

Solid conformation cows with average production of 12,274 kg/27,060 lb. milk and 3.56% protein, and a lifetime total at culling of 55,000 kg/121,250 lb; at Oelhorst Holsteins in the Netherlands,...

October 2019

Cow Families

Cow Country - October 2019

After years of absence, Brent and Kim Mitchell from Victoria immediately captured the Intermediate title with Mitch Aftershock Irene at Australia’s national show (IDW) in 2017. Two years later they...

December 2017

Cow Families

Oelhorst Coba’s: Elite Black & White Family Provides “Unplanned” Red Holstein Talent

Breeders regularly combine their best Holsteins with RC and Red Holstein sires in the hope of creating attractive breeding material for red & whites. However, the start of the red...