Northern Ireland

September 2023


Cow Country I - September 2023

‘During the first milk test she gave 197 lb/89.4 kg, during the second 195/88.5, and recently even 201 lb/91.2 kg!’ Betsy Bullard from Brigeen Farms (HI 11/22) in Maine speaks...

September 2022


Unique in HI: Farms with the Highest kg/lb Fat + Protein Productions World-wide Part 1

In the Holstein world, high productions always speak to the imagination. Tremendous records of individual animals, but certainly also high averages at the herd level. But how high are the...

May 2022


Cow Country - May 2022

When we ask Jonathan Kelso from JK Genetics in Northern Ireland about the qualities of the Marq I family, his answer is clear: ‘Without a doubt: consistency. Consistency in providing...

November 2021

Herd reports

Matfield: Striving for Well-Balanced Cows with Longevity

From previous HI herd reports, you will know that Northern Ireland holds a number of passionate breeders focused on type. The Matfield herd is no different. Join us as we...

October 2023

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DNA - October 2023

Nr.1 on the German genomic bull list is Real Syn at 171 gRZG. With that, Real Syn enjoys a long lead over the rest of the field with Nr.2 Rockwell...