New Zealand

May 2022

Sires Report

BullTalk - May 2022

‘This will become one of our most influential sires of sons,’ said Jeff Ziegler from Select Sires in the summer of 2021. This statement was confirmed in April. And how!...

February 2022

Cow Families

Cow Country 2 - February 2022

Most breed-leading cows need to be backed by a breed-leading family – and Canada’s Nr.1 Conformation Cow (+17), Duckett Sidekick Ollie VG-87-2yr (max), is no different. Coming from the heart...

December 2021

Cow Families

Puckeroro Worthy Coralie: Foundation of a Great New Zealand Cow Family

Born in 1958, Coralie established a family that has provided numerous successful AI bulls, produced a number of multi-generational EX branches to the family, and has made a prominent contribution...

September 2021


New Zealand’s objective: Animals whose progeny will be the most efficient converters of feed into farmer profit

Low cost milk production from pasture grazing has contributed to New Zealand becoming the world’s leading dairy export nation. Management practices and genetic selection programs aimed at maximizing efficiency of...

August 2021

Cow Families

Exclusive: The ultimate update about the herds worldwide with the most EX cows (2)

Noteworthy herds with dozens of EX Holsteins and a percentage of EX cows reaching to 70% were the focus of the first part of our analysis of the farms with...

Juli 2021

Cow Families

Cow Country - July 2021

German breeder Andreas Proebsting milks 170 cows with the star of the herd being the red cow Big Dog RUW Syvana-Red VG-88. In 2016, RUW imported embryos from a red...

February 2021

Cow Families

Cow Country - February 2021

The forced cancellation of the annual Irish National Dairy Show in October led to a competition to determine the Champion of the Decade. Ridgefield Dundee Portea EX-95 claimed the title...

December 2020

Sires Report

Unique HI Overview: Here are the Bestselling Holstein Sires at AI Companies World-wide

Who were the most sold Holstein bulls during the past six months? HI posed this question to breeding companies world-wide. The answers resulted in the unique accompanying overview: 77 bestsellers...

September 2020

Sires Report

San Ray Beamer: The World’s Newest Millionaire - in New Zealand!

The world is welcoming a new Holstein millionaire: the 10-year-old New Zealand transmitter San Ray FM Beamer. A son of the legendary Fairmont Mint-Edition, he is out of a long-lasting...

September 2020

Cow Families

Cow Country - September 2020

Ponte de Lima is the oldest villa in all of Portugal and was historically significant as a Roman settlement on the road from Braga to Santiago de Compostela. Close by...

August 2020

Cow Families

Cow Country - August 2020

The enthusiasm with which Thomas Rindesbacher speaks about Sunibelle Dempsey Esprit, causes one to forget that the two-time Swiss Expo Grand Champion is grazing in the neighbour’s pasture. It is...

May 2020

Cow Families

Cow Country - May 2020

‘We actually use quite a few current sires.’ Not a particularly unique statement. But those who know the tradition of Lantland Farms in New York may be quite surprised by...