October 2017

Sires report

BullTalk - October 2017

He remains in the news, Garioni VanHalen, and there are many reasons. His career began in April 2016 when he immediately captured third place in Italy with 3691 gPFT. And...

August 2017

Cow Families

Weelder Esmonique 38 Continues Esmeralda Tradition

With the May release, Weelder Esmonique 38, a G-Force daughter owned by the Dutch Van de Kamp family provided 2 sons in the Dutch gNVI top-3, including the leader Esperanto....

July 2017

Cow Families

The Lidias: Even More Complete Thanks to Tango and Charley

“New Italian Bertaiola Family Accelerates in the Netherlands”: In January 2013, that was the title of HI’s article about 2 full sisters of the Italian Bolton son Bertaiola Mincio that...