Mr T-Spruce Frazz Lionel

May 2022


Lionel The Most Extreme Milk Transmitter Ever

Bounding to the top of the TPI charts with the April proof release was the Frazzled son Lionel, with an amazing TPI of 3172. And at +3397lb of milk, he’s...

March 2022

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DP - March 2022

‘Capital is a good example of how diverse the market for genetics is. The demands of dairy farmers for a good bull are not always oriented around the same profile...

December 2021

Sires Report

From An American Dairyman: Suggestions for Sire Selection

An American Dairyman continues his series of contributions for Holstein International and now brings some interesting suggestions for sire selection. He also adds some actual sire names to his suggestions...