Mike West

July 2022

Sires report

BullTalk - July 2022

Time for a remarkable sire. He is five years old and displays (progeny proven) his highest TPI index ever: 2887, based on 448 milking daughters. As such, he has jumped...

February 2022

Sires report

Pine-Tree-I Pursuit: Another Bull from the Rudy Missy’s Surges to the Top

Supersire, Mogul and Balisto: Three of the most influential sires worldwide over the past decade, and they all trace to the great Rudy Missy family. Now there is a new...

January 2022

Sires report

BullTalk - January 2022

‘During the past few years I have witnessed the Holstein breed becoming whiter. It is increasingly difficult to find a good bull that is 75% or more black. I manage...

December 2021

Sires report

Bull Talk - December 2021

‘He is very popular due to his high components, A2A2, unique aAa (516), average stature, low somatic cell, high udder index and plus for DPR,’ explains general manager Ron Sersland...