November 2023

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DP - November 2023

Solito-Red is the German Nr.1 daughter-proven red and white sire for RZG (143) and RZE (140). The Salvatore son showed again in the last breeding evaluation period that he is...

October 2023

Herd reports

DeHo-Holsteins: An exquisite conformation source in Austria with international quality

The weather in the summer of 2023 in Austria showed many sides. A lot of rain and almost weekly storms made life difficult for farmers and their harvest. There were...

December 2023

Sires Report

Focus on... December 2023

Good conformation continues to be an important item with sire selection for many farmers; preferably in combination with sufficient production and positive daughter fertility. Here are three credible options.