July 2017


Teat Length: A Problem for Breeders Worldwide?

It is amazing how breeding and trait selection can transform and alter a breed.In Holsteins, over the decades we have seen alterations in size, fertility, milk output – to name...

June 2017


Udder Health: A Critical Element in Achieving High-Level Production

The combination of good genetics and good feed should lead to a high producing herd. However, seeing to all the smaller details that create an environment for healthy, contented cows...

March 2017


Given its Low Heritability, is Breeding for Fertility Worth It?

Can fertility be improved through breeding? Or is it simply down to management? Here we investigate the impact you can make by selecting for fertility.

January 2017


Long-Life Semen: A Revolution in Semen Technology

Did you know that 20% of semen sold in Norway is in the form of SpermVital? It’s a technology that prolongs the life of sperm after insemination into the uterus...

December 2016


Heat Detection or: “Big Brother is Watching”

Heat detection is an important aspect of fertility management. In the past, it primarily involved visual observations, whether or not supported by tail chalking. In recent decades, more and more...