Juni 2021

Cow Families

Here is the Grand Finale of HI's Cow Family Tournament

In HI’s March 2021 issue, you found preliminary round one: 50 impressive cow families from various continents. This presentation was followed in the April edition by preliminary round two, again...

April 2021

Cow Families

The sequel: Here is the Second Preliminary Round of HI’s Cow Family Tournament!

In our recent March issue, HI’s tournament of the world’s most influential cow families commenced with preliminary round 1, in which 50 promising cow families from continents other than North...

May 2019

Cow Families

Krull Broker Elegance: Remarkable Type Transmitter with World-Wide Impact

Elegance has 69 classified daughters in the US, 34 of which have scored EX. That ranks her third behind only Ashlyn (60) and Adeen (37) and level with Apple-Red for...