October 2021


BullTalk - October 2021

Remarkable: the entire progeny-proven Italian top-3 consists of sons of Sandy-Valley Afterburner, namely Miura (his report elsewhere in this HI issue), Kubrick and Pepsol, while also the Italian Nr.8, Sprite,...

October 2019


Josuper and Sons: Providing an Impulse of Milk for the Breed

Supersire son Uecker Josuper sits at Nr.10 on the TPI charts with three sons ranked ahead of him: Frazzled, Rowdy and Raiden. His all important trait of massive milk production...

September 2017


Josuper: The Most Extreme Production Sire in the Breed

With the latest proof round, Josuper added milking daughters pushing up his production numbers by over 500lb. of milk, making him the most extreme production sire in the breed. Even...