August 2023


Udder health: Besides breeding, management plays an important role

Udder diseases continue to be one of the primary culling reasons for dairy cattle. For several decades, udder health has been a main breeding priority and yet it remains a...

June 2023


Genosource Captain: America’s dominating Nr.1 bull

He has been reported on multiple times and justifiably so. Based on the current circumstances, it is time to share the newest information. In the USA and in Canada he...

June 2023

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DNA - June 2023

The midnight-coloured Meridian-PP is a son of Mendel-P from a GP-83 daughter of Monument-P who goes back to Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk. His production breeding values show moderate milk yield with...

May 2023


Software Meets Dairy Management: Solutions to allow for better decisions!

Take a moment to look back and think about what your situation was like 20 years ago. What technology was available at the time and how would you have solved...

March 2023

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires Red - March 2023

With a gISU of 231, Suribay-P has been headlining the list of polled sires in France for two genetic evaluation periods. It is primarily the functional traits that bring him...

February 2023


The next chapter of the Roxy story Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket

Glenridge Citation Roxy was born almost 55 years ago on April 15th, 1968. Her influence on the breed has been gigantic, to the point that she has been respectfully recognized...

February 2023


Afra: Luxemburg’s Source for High Lifetime Production

For decades, Luxemburg’s breeders have been known to like investing in good genetics from around the world to infuse new bloodlines into their herds. Pascal Vaessen has also made several...

December 2022

Cow Families

Miss OCD Delicious: Consistency at the highest level

Almost exactly twelve years ago, Miss OCD Delicious was born and today the former Nr.1 of the breed still scores an impressive 2645 gTPI. For more than a decade now...

November 2022

Cow Families

Flechedor Zita EX-97: 20 breeding stars in Canada

Anyone visiting the World Dairy Expo expects to see the cream of the crop of the Holstein breed. This statement is unlikely to surprise, but perhaps you still remember the...

November 2022


Cow Country II - November 2022

In a time where breeding is producing ever higher breeding values at a swift tempo, this story is well suited to the breeding romantics. Birkentree Clover is a bull dam...

November 2022


Brown Swiss Level in France Displays Significant Increase!

Of course, France is known for breeds like Holstein and Normande. And, of course, the numerous beef breeds. But did you know that France is also becoming an increasingly bigger...

October 2022


Hoof health deserves a higher weighting

Before reading this article, think about your feet for a moment! How many kilometres have they already travelled today? How many more kilometres will they cover before the end of...

September 2023


Jessica Cow Family puts International Focus on Australian Holsteins

Few cow families have created as much excitement as the Elmar Jessica’s. Bred and developed over the last 35 years by the Hore family in northern Victoria, the Jessica’s produced...