homozygous polled

April 2023

Herd reports

Prominent name from the Holstein industry is preparing for the future: Next Generation at Browndale

With its shiny new state-of-the-art dairy barn complete with sand-bedded free-stalls for the 100-cow herd, 2 milking robots, an on-farm produce store, elevated viewing area and function rooms, Browndale is...

October 2022

Sires Report

Focus on... - October 2022

Actually, the title of this article isn’t quite appropriate, as the four bulls that we present here are not really just simple alternatives from the ever-growing offering of homozygous polled...

March 2022

Sires Report

Focus On... March 2022

After we presented several interesting RC newcomers in our February issue, we would now like to take a look at some special talents from the homozygous polled segment. We will...